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Using this website

By using this website at (hereafter referred to as the “Website”) for Reliance Bangladesh LNG & Power Limited (the “Company”), you agree to the following terms of use.

1. Copyright and other rights relating to individual text, images, designs, photographs, etc., appearing on the Website belong to the Company, the original copyright holder or other rights holder. Individual text, images, designs, photographs, etc., appearing on the Website are intended solely for personal use. They may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or used for any secondary use such as to create new material, unless user receives consent in advance from the rights holder or consent is explicitly granted on the Website.

2. The Company prepares and manages the content of the Website with due care, but to ensure the information we provide is accurate and up to date, we may at any time correct or change inaccuracies or misprints, or change or update content. We may stop or resume providing information without advance notice.

3. The Company makes no guarantees of any kind about the content of the Website and bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damages sustained by users as a result of using the Website.

4. In addition to these Terms of Use, users must comply with any other rules stipulated on the Website, where these appear.

5. Any personal information voluntarily disclosed by users on the Website (e.g., in online discussion groups), may be collected and used by other users. The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damages sustained this way.

The Company may use JavaScript, cookies and other technologies to analyze usage of the Website. Users may turn off these technologies by changing the settings on their browsers. However, this may result in the web site not functioning or displaying correctly. Please inquire with the browser software manufacturer to determine how to change browser settings. We do not collect personally identifiable data by JavaScript or cookies


You do not need to contact us to link to the Website ( However, please comply with the Rules on Linking to the Website, below. Also, if you wish to place a

link to any page other than the top page, be aware that Website content and URLs may be changed, interrupted or deleted without advance notice

Rules on Linking to the Website

Please do not use any logos displayed on the Website.

The Company grants permission only to link to the Website from other websites. We cannot guarantee the content of other websites and therefore do not bear any responsibility for them.

We do not permit links from any other website such as described below.

  • Any website with content intended to slander or cause loss of confidence in the Company or other companies, groups or parties.
  • Any website with content that offends public order and/or morals.
  • Any website with illegal or potentially illegal content, or any website tied to illegal or potentially illegal activities.
  • Any website that opens up the Website within a frame, or otherwise could make it unclear that the content belongs to the Company or cause confusion to a third party.

If you cannot comply with the rules posted on our web site for any reason, please do not link to our website. In addition, please comply if we ask you to remove a link to the Website.

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