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Health & Safety Commitment

The Company is committed to

Integrate Health & Safety concerns into all business and operational planning and decision making.

Provide a safe work environment and training for all employees and contractors.

Engage in the same level of commitment and performance for contractors that work in our facilities as we do with our employees.

Achieve high performance in all key Health & Safety matters for the industry.

Utilize materials, resources and energy efficiently to produce our product and service.

Respond in a timely and appropriate manner if an incident resulting from operations does occur.

Work proactively with legislators, regulators, concerned groups, and industry peers to develop and advance effective approaches to human health and safety protection

Communicate regularly on Health and Safety issues, expectations and performance with employees, contractors, customers and regulators.

Environmental Monitoring

The Project is committed to monitor and manage its surrounding environment so as to minimize negative impacts which may arise from the Project activities on ambient air, water, noise. The Company is ensuring regular monitoring and managing its construction site as per Environmental & Social Management Plan and Environmental & Social Action Plan.