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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company believes in principle that “Growth Does Not Exist in Isolation”. For the Company, being socially responsible is not an occasional act, but it is an on-going year-round commitment, which is integrated into the very core of their business objectives and strategy. The Company also believes that an environment of common trust and confidence building is essential during project implementation.

The main principles of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities are

Adopt an approach that aims at achieving a greater balance between social and economic development;

Adopt new measures to accelerate and ensure the satisfaction of the basic needs of all people;

Work towards elimination of all barriers to the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups- such as the poor or the disabled; and

Give unfailing attention to children for in their hands lies the future of the society. It is for their sake that health, education and environment are given priority in their programme and investments.

The Company is always committed to social welfare. CSR activities help us forge a stronger bond between our employees and communities, boost morale. It gives us the sense of accomplishment to be connected with the community, society around where we operate.

The Company has undertaken wide ranging CSR activities around the Project . Whether it is through responsible business operations and environmental management or through community development initiatives in the area of education, healthcare, employment and infrastructure development, the Company is committed to ensure sustainable development of the economy, community and environment.