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About Us

Reliance Bangladesh LNG & Power Ltd (the “Company”) is a 100% foreign-owned special purpose company incorporated in Bangladesh as per the Companies Act 1994, to Build Own and Operate 718 MW (net) gas fired combined cycle power plant at Meghnaghat, Narayanganj, Bangladesh (the “Project”).

Through our operational excellence, use of state-of-the-art technologies and best international practices, we bring clean, green, sustainable energy to help meet the growing energy needs of Bangladesh and to foster economic growth.

The Company believes that any business conduct can be ethical only when it rests on the core values of Agility, Readiness for Challenge, Excellence and Fairness. Strong commitments to these high values are building principles for the Company.

We believe in strong organization culture and supporting each other which are embedding our values towards building a winning organization. With diverse resources, we are creating a unique mix to support our business from the breadth of ideas and experiences.

We follow high standards to develop a vibrant corporate culture with strong and sound trusted management/ financial structures and a corporate governance system that enables independent business operations and swift decision-making. We are an integral part of the society and are committed to create long term value in the interest of stakeholders, customers, employees, lenders and investors, environment, supplier & service providers, Government and the communities.

The Company believes in principle that “Growth Does Not Exist in Isolation”. For the Company, being socially responsible is not an occasional act, but it is an on-going year-round commitment, which is integrated into the very core of their business objectives and strategy.

The Company is committed to Integrate Health & Safety concerns into all business and operational planning and decision making and provide a safe work environment and training for all employees and contractors. During this critical Covid situation, we are cohesively working to fight back Covid-19. We have enforced stringent measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 with continuous awareness and engagement supporting.

We believe in contributing to a clean, green, sustainable and harmonious society, working alongside inspiring leaders and in a continuous growth